David Ortiz – U.S. Citizen, Smart Guy

Hearty congratulations and a warm welcome to Big Papi, my new fellow U.S. citizen. Clearly, he understands what a great country this is, and he also understands the value of discretion. This from the Globe piece:

“When pressed by reporters, Ortiz did not endorse a presidential candidate.”

It’s certainly not fair that celebrities and other non-political public figures can’t opine on current affairs without inducing eye rolls from the rest of us. But that’s how it is. (Actually, people get the vapors only when a celebrity says something with which they disagree, but most of us ignore this distinction.) So that Ortiz passed on endorsing McCain or Obama speaks to his sense of prudence.

Rest assured, some bloc of partisans on the hunt for fresh outrages would’ve grandly sworn him off if he picked the other guy. Thankfully, though, in those citizenship classes they must have taught him about our inalienable right to say, “none of your damn business.”



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2 responses to “David Ortiz – U.S. Citizen, Smart Guy

  1. tom rafferty

    so, then, the first amendment doesn’t apply to celebrities and athletes?

  2. daynperry


    This isn’t a first-amendment issue. I.e., the govt isn’t coercing Ortiz into silence. He’s just exercising restraint on his own. Considering how severely people overreact to celebrity political opinions, it’s a pretty smart stance. That’s all.

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