Polish Pols: Dangerously Serious about Soccer

Yesterday, I linked in passing to a story about a right-wing Polish official who wanted to strip footballer Lukas Podolski of his Polish citizenship. Why? Well, Podolski, who is also a German citizen, scored both goals in Germany’s recent 2-Nil win over Poland in Euro 2008. It’s a dish best served cold, Podolski.

Anyhow, as though that weren’t amply insane, soon after Poland PM Donald Tusk (cool name) confessed that he wanted to take the life of Howard Webb, one of the referees in the Poland-Austria match:

“As the prime minister I have to be balanced and collected. But last night I was speaking very differently about the whole thing, I wanted to kill.”

Points for candor, I suppose, but to paraphrase Capt. Dudley Liam Smith, <brogue>not for all the whiskey in Ireland would I trade places with Howard Webb</brogue>. Moreover, it’s a tad unsettling to see a head of state given to such bouts of psychosis. Good thing Poland doesn’t have nuclear capability.

Still, is there something American pols can learn from this? Specifically, Democratic nominee Barack Obama? Some on the right perceive him as being a bit on the fey and dainty side (in part because of his bowling chops), but imagine, if you will, a critical call going against Obama’s White Sox this season. Now imagine the polling bounce that might ensue if, say, Obama, in spittle-flecked anger, threatened to gut Hunter Wendelstedt with a cargo hook. Focus-group it.

(HT: The Beautiful Game)


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