Heed the Advice of Counsel

The feds are going to extremes in an attempt to nail Barry Bonds. This isn’t breaking news. It’s one of those career-making cases for an ambitious U.S. Attorney, and that lends itself to zealotry, boundary-pushing, and a dedication of resources that outstrips the seriousness of the crime. The latest instance of all of that is the feds’ attempt to lean on the wife of trainer Greg Anderson. But don’t take my word for it. Craig over at Shysterball, who’s a lawyer with a degree and a secret handshake and everything, is of a similar opinion. Money quote:

“That said, the level of overreaching, coercion, and out-and-out intimidation I have seen from federal agents in recent years has been shocking, both in this case and in many others. Is it legitimate for the feds to exert pressure on someone in order to get someone else to do something else? Sure, in the abstract. It’s actually pretty effective law enforcement. But such tactics are easily abused, and in the instance of Anderson, Gestas, and Bonds, I believe power is being abused.”

Couldn’t agree more. But unlike my take, which has the whiff of laity all over it, Craig’s opinion on this issue actually merits your serious consideration.


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