*This* Is How You Combine Sports and Politics

At first, it seemed this write-up in a Bangladeshi newspaper of a recent India-Pakistan cricket match was mostly notable for the tortured and goofy syntax (the translation is surely to blame). But then you get to the final graph:

“As a key strategy, Indian journalists and others quickly switch over to Pakistani scene when confronted with extremely uncomfortable questions about Indian genocide and brutality against Muslims in India and Kashmir. Many Indians simply say in Pakistan Muslims are no better or, there things are not very good either, or in Arab world Muslims are very bad guys, etc., but they never try to reason why Hindus are so arrogant, their media so irresponsible and governments so snit-Muslims. They think by being cunning they could divert the public attention from crucial anti-Islamic issue. Indians consider the defeat in Bangladesh at the hands of Pakistani tigers is historic and the result shame cannot be easily erased by Hindus who breathe anti-Islamic air. For other normal Hindus it does not matter at all, after all in games Indian cannot win all matches and tournaments every where all the time. After all It is not Indian Muslims or Kashmiris the Indian teams face in sports ground.”

Tensions between India and Pakistan span the last half of the 20th century, and Bangladeshis, whose nation was forged out of the conflict, are certainly invested in the outcomes. Still, it’s bizarre to see what was otherwise a forgettable and commonplace game story conclude with a red-faced jeremiad. On the other hand, I’d read a hell of a lot more game recaps if our sportswriters were similarly inclined to go off the rails every now and again.


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