Paul Ince – Pioneer

Paul Ince was recently named manager of Blackburn of the English Premier League. This is significant because Ince now becomes the first British-born black head coach in the history of the Premiership. It seems a belated milestone, this being 2008 and all. Of course, given European soccer’s complicated racial history, it’s not entirely surprising.


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  1. kehrsam

    Hey, 25 years after Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron was still facing death threats for overtaking Ruth’s HR record. It takes time, and 30 years further on, we have a black man poised to become President. I don’t agree with a lot of his politics, but you can be sure I will be campaigning and voting for Barack Obama, because I will never be more of an American than in the instant I cast that vote.

    At the same time, the sanctions are misplaced. The hoodlums are on the losing side of history (as they always are) and it more important to uphold free speech than worrying about what a few lager louts are screaming. Nice post.

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