Barack Obama Chooses Invesco Field

Rather than accept the Democratic presidential nomination in the cozy Pepsi Center, Barack Obama will instead give the vapors to more than 75,000 adoring Dems at Invesco Field in Denver. Expect deafening applause lines and an Earnest Byner fumble.

(Yeah, yeah, I know “The Fumble” occurred at Mile High, but still … )


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One response to “Barack Obama Chooses Invesco Field

  1. Obama’s acceptance speech could play a critical role in this year’s election. Colorado has always been known as a strong Republican state but it seems to have drifted under the radar toward the liberals in the past few years. With the DNC being hosting at the Denver Pepsi Center and Obama making such a strong statement by giving his acceptance speech to potentially 70,000+ visitors at Invesco Mile High Field, Colorado might just vote democrat this year – it could be a turning point in the Democrats’ favor!

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