Here’s One Good Thing

It’s a fool’s errand to come up with a list of good things about the IOC’s decision to allow China to host the Summer Games. But here’s one: a slight uptick in religious freedom. Christian missionaries are going to turn out in force in Beijing, and the Communist Party is even allowing them to distribute Bibles. Certainly, this doesn’t figure to be a liberty that lasts beyond the Games. Still, it’s likely to add to the Chinese people’s slowly growing thirst for religious freedom, and that’s a positive.


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One response to “Here’s One Good Thing

  1. Mike Reed


    Not sure that there is a positive result to distributing bibles as christianity hasn’t been the impetus to real progress,particularly in the states over the past 25 years. I’m all for freedom of expression at all levels, but I would imagine the need for justice in these situation would outweigh any need for religious freedom.

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