Bad News for Soccer WAGs

The run-up to the 2010 World Cup has provided global soccer WAGs with grim and harrowing news: the possibility of legalized prostitution in South Africa. Maybe the best hope for footballer fidelity is that FIFA will decide to move the Cup to another country. Like Brazil! Oh, wait



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3 responses to “Bad News for Soccer WAGs

  1. Ron

    Doesn’t matter if its legal or illegal. It goes on regardless. Hell, they’ll even come to your hotel room.

    I don’t know that from personal experience. A friend told me. Really. Its true.

    See a typical South African girl at the link above.

  2. daynperry

    Oh, I know. Mostly, I was just making a joke. They’re famous soccer players; the women will find them.

  3. Fidel

    mmm….futbol, beer, and legalized prostitutes !…..Heaven is not hard to find…..

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