Morning Money Quotes

The NYT on the recent terrorist attacks in Beijing:

Chinese investigators have found no evidence that fatal explosions on two public buses in the southwestern city of Kunming were terrorist attacks linked to the Beijing Olympics, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday.

Shysterball on Wallace Matthews’ bizarre Andy Pettitte/Jason Giambi hit piece:

The right way is to approach it from a place of reason and informed judgment. To analyze the players’ performance, perhaps, and see how much of a benefit PEDs actually gave them. Maybe even to rationally scrutinize comments and habits going forward to see whether Pettitte’s and Giambi’s stated remorse for their drug use is legit or not. And certainly to follow up on actual evidence — as opposed to baseless conjecture — to see if either of them have fallen off the PED wagon.

The WSJ on the financial costs of the Beijing Olympics:

Holger Preuss, a professor of sports economics at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, says Beijing has set a precedent that future hosts, including London, won’t be able to match. “Many [International Olympic Committee] members are already thinking we have to find a way to reduce the size of the Games to make more cities able to really host the Games. Because if it continues — just think of $50 billion — maybe only 10 cities in the world can afford 50 billion.”

The Detroit News on the Lions’ Caleb Campbell, his football career, and his military commitments:

Campbell is in a crossfire on multiple fronts: conflicting views among active and retired servicemen on whether a service-academy graduate should go on active duty immediately; the prospect of facing a grueling pro training camp; and his own ambitions to play pro football and continue his career as an army officer.


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  1. Ron

    This is a joke. Seems funny that the ‘unique talents’ alwasy seem to be the ones going into professional sports. I’ll bet they wouldn’t let anyone from the West Band join the New York Pilharmoic as a flute player.

    These guys signed their paperwork and they neeed to do their duty. Especailly considering its always the officers who get to do this. I know plenty of enlisted guys who could have gotten college scholarships if they Army would have let them out of their contract, but it never happened.

    Seems West Point makes for more publicity than some grunt at Fort Hood.

    If they don’t want to do the time that they willingly signed up for, they should give up the free education and go somewhere else. Its a disgrace to real soldiers that these guys get to play at what other people put their life on the line for.

    And for the record, I’m a sports junkie. I’m also a retired Sergeant First Class in the U.S. Army. And this is a travesty.

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