Justice Served


Get it? “Served”? In a post about tennis? Truly, “Headless Body in Topless Bar” has nothing on this one …

Anyhow, remember that some local officials in Sweden ordered the Sweden-Israel Davis Cup matches to be played before an empty arena because of the threat of Islamist terrorism? Well, that’s precisely what happened. And Israel responded by pulling off a stunning comeback and advancing to the World Group quarterfinals for just the second time in history.



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2 responses to “Justice Served

  1. I called my mom a couple nights ago; she lives in an apartment just a couple blocks from the arena where this took place. Thankfully, she made the wise decision to stay indoors all day. Angry mobs and 81-year-old ladies (particularly ones with a bit of a quick temper) are not a good mix. She sat inside her apartment and watched the protesters march by.

    She said that it was mostly peaceful, but there were a few miscreants who took advantage of the obvious opportunity to misbehave.

  2. daynperry

    No way. Glad she didn’t join the fray.

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