Josh Moore on Iran

In October of 2007, Josh Moore, a University of Michigan product who previously spent a few months with the Clippers, signed a contract with BEEM Mazandarin, an Iranian professional basketball club. Needless to say, Moore’s decision to play in Iran was a controversial one. Recently, however, his stint in Iran ended, and he reflected upon his time there with an Iranian blogger. Some excerpts …

What people around the world need to understand is that there is a major difference between the feelings of the American general public and the views expressed by a few talking heads on American television and U.S. government. I really didn’t have any concern about how my trip would be received back home in the United States because I knew that the American public was hungry to hear a different perspective about Iranian people that wasn’t tainted by larger influences.

And …

President Obama talks about diplomacy with Iran and Secretary of State Clinton has said that its her top priority but what both of them fail to realize is that the diplomacy that need to take place between Iran and America needs to happen between the common house wife and average everyday underpaid worker. Those people need to understand that their lives are not much different and that their worries are practically the same. Those people have to make a conscious effort to understand each other without foolish apprehensions or destructive tribal behavior that segregates them from everyone else. I really believe that it’s the Iranian tribal mentality that doesn’t allow people to get to know them not an anti-Iranian sentiment.

And best of all …

Iran is an extremely vibrant society that in some ways is very misunderstood. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done within Iran but that’s not the job of the American military or government, it’s the job of the Iranian youth to create a society better than the one they received.


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