Stink of Blago on the Cubs?

It seems the grimy tentacles of fallen Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich reach all the way from Springfield to the corner of Clark and Addison.

First, investigators unearthed a cryptic and nudge-nudge sort of email from Marc Ganis, a consultant aiding with the sale of Wrigley Field, to Blago’s chief of staff. It reads:

“Now that the election has gone as we expected, the opportunities we discussed, and Rod and I talked even more about, are in front of you guys. I was going to call the Gov today to get together to continue the discussion you had us start. … There is a real possibility these next two years could be very different than the last two for you guys. An opportunity that this election may have presented.”

It could be there’s nothing untoward going on, and that’s what Ganis insists. But it’s not the most innocent-sounding of missives. And now Trib Co. head Sam Zell, who’s looking to unload the Cubs and Wrigley Field, is being questioned by prosecutors regarding Blago’s misdeeds.

Meanwhile, it now appears that the sale of the Cubs to Tom Ricketts may not be finalized until after Opening Day.


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