Morning Money Quotes

ESPN the Magazine on Delaware’s drive to legalize sports betting. The home of tax-advantaged incorporation gets even cooler:

Delaware, along with Nevada, Montana and Oregon, is one of four states that has long had sports betting laws in its books, exempting it from the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, a federal law which banned states from getting into the bookmaking business. While Montana and Nevada still support sports gambling and Oregon only recently shut down its sports lottery, Delaware hasn’t toyed with it since a failed run during the 1976 NFL season.

It’s hardly surprising that Chicago is angling for more tax dollars to prop up its Olympic bid:

The Olympic bid team wants the state to up its financial guarantee from the $150 million in taxpayer funds pledged in 2007 by ousted Gov. Rod Blagojevich to $250 million.

Not only can the D.C. City Council not govern, they also can’t ball, not even against pasty, limp-wrist media types:

Sure, the media’s 16-member team bested the council, 35-25, for a plaque and a year’s worth of bragging rights, but the real story was in the 28 minutes of pushing, shoving, diving for loose balls and other displays of not-so-athleticism at the Verizon Center.

Simon Barnes on why sporting events make alluring targets for terrorists:

But there is something still closer to the heart of a properly vengeful terrorist waging war against the world gone wrong. That is frivolity. Sport is an essentially trivial activity. To the puritan mindset, sport is a living statement of the world’s failure to take your issue of choice with the right kind of seriousness. If you attack the frivolity of sport, you are trumpeting in the loudest fashion possible the absolute and irrefragable seriousness of your own cause.


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