More Trouble in Pakistan

Given that visiting athletes aren’t particularly safe in Pakistan these days, this news comes as no surprise:

The Philippines’ tennis authorities have asked Davis Cup organizers to move the July regional playoff against Pakistan from Lahore to Manila due to fears of its players being attacked … Three of the five Filipino players, including Cecil Mamiit, are dual U.S.-Philippine citizens who Villanueva feared may be targeted because of their American passports.

The Sri Lankan cricket team that was attacked in Lahore was actually a replacement club–one that stepped into the breach after another team refused to travel to Pakistan because of safety concerns. That is, fear abounded even before terrorists victimized the Sri Lankan team. Now, it’s certainly going to be difficult for Pakistan to host any manner of international sporting event. That includes the 2011 Cricket World Cup, which Pakistan is in danger of losing. Not good news for a national economy that’s in a freefall


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