Morning Money Quotes

The Globe and Mail on the “carbon footprint” of the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver:

When the Vancouver Olympic Committee asked the David Suzuki Foundation to estimate the impact of the 2010 Olympics, which run from Feb. 12 through Feb. 28, the answer was about 328,000 tonnes of greenhouse-gas emissions, or the equivalent of 65,600 cars on the road for one year.

SI‘s Michael McCann on the tax-evasion case of open-wheel racer Helio Castroneves:

A conviction would do more than ruin Castroneves’ career. He would face up to six and a half years in prison and, as a non-U.S. citizen, possible deportation upon his prison release. He would also be subject to losing his contract with Penske Racing and any product endorsement contracts; those companies could even seek to recover payments already made to him.

The AP wonders whether China’s hosting the most recent Summer Olympics improved human rights in the communist nation:

Take the “special zones” set up at the IOC’s urging in three parks around the city for protests. None of the 77 applications filed to hold a protest was granted, and two elderly grandmothers — aged 77 and 79 — were given a year of re-education through labor for applying.

My friend and former Baseball Prospectus colleague Nate Silver (the founder of, talking to the Austin American-Statesman about the similarities between baseball and politics:

They’re similar in the respect that a baseball season’s a long season and the same is true of a political campaign. You learn information a little bit at a time instead of it revealing itself all at once. If the Rangers play badly for a couple of days, that might or might not mean they’re a bad baseball team. One game tells you almost nothing. Likewise, in politics, one poll or a couple of days worth of polling won’t tell you very much at all. You need to look at the longer view.

The Standard-Times on the global popularity of the World Baseball Classic:

Look only at the numbers ESPN released this week. While its four first-round telecasts saw a 44-percent ratings jump from its two from the first tournament, the most striking numbers come from Spanish-language ESPN Deportes.

  • Cuba’s win over Australia on Tuesday became the network’s highest-rated non-soccer telecast ever and helped the day become the network’s most-viewed day ever.
  • Wednesday was’s largest traffic day ever.

It’s been that way around the world, with worldwide fervor for the WBC far outpacing even the increased interest it’s receiving here. The three games featuring the Japanese national team in Tokyo all drew more than 40,000.


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