Morning Money Quotes

The Sports Business Journal on one of the few businesses capable of getting credit on the (relative) cheap (HT: Shysterball):

The New York Yankees earlier this month borrowed $105 million from a group of banks led by Goldman Sachs to cover final cost overruns at the new Yankee Stadium, sources said.

The loan brings the total debt on the stadium, which opens next month, to more than $1.3 billion. Despite concerns about the economy’s effect on sales at the new stadium, the Yankees, in the loan document, project healthy revenue, sources said.

Ed Odeven of the Japan Times on the pitiful state of Japanese basketball:

Let’s review the facts: The last time Japan’s men’s basketball team competed in the Olympics was in the 1976 Montreal Games. Unless a miracle is in the works, Japan will fail to earn a spot to the 2012 London Games.

Long-term failure requires a new system to be implemented, new ways of thinking, and leadership that is willing to grasp this basic concept.

FanGraphs on who I hope is the next Cuban ballplayer to defect to our shores:

On his 12th pitch of the afternoon (Aroldis) Chapman hit triple digits with a staggering 100.2 miles per hour. As the game’s announcers noted – in between giving us updates on Chapman’s LiveJournal mood – Chapman has apparently hit 102 miles per hour in Cuban competition.

Alessandro Nicolo on whether the Montreal Canadiens should recruit more Quebecois talent:

Are Quebecers willing to accept mediocrity in the name of identity? The answer is probably no. We often hear about how we Montrealers do not tolerate losing seasons.

Which makes all this talk is rather irrelevant. Montreal is a cosmopolitan city in the province of Quebec. Secure in its identity it operates within the dominion of Canada.

How has this served us?

Look up at the rafters in the Bell Centre. You’ll see 24 examples – 19 by way of English-speaking Canadians.

Insider Higher Ed fills out the NCAA Tournament bracket based on academic performance:

To select the winners, we used the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate — a nationally comparable score that gives points to teams whose athletes stay in good standing academically and stay enrolled from semester to semester … In instances where matched-up teams had the same Academic Progress Rate, we broke ties using the NCAA’s Graduation Success Rate …


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