Morning Money Quotes on the Premiership’s mandate to help the working poor within its ranks:

Today’s meeting will push for top clubs to adopt a Hatrick Gold Standard system.

Clubs will receive the Standard if employees are paid at least £7.45 per hour in London – the London Living Wage according to the Low Pay Unit of the Greater London Authority – and £6.80 per hour in the rest of the country.

They will also have to sign up to a fair full-time pay agreement, equivalent to £13,100 or £12,376 a year for a full-time working week, the right to a minimum of 25 paid days of annual holiday, and paid parental leave.

Equal treatment of all staff, whether directly employed or on an agency contract, is also a requirement of the Standard.

The AP on how Chicago’s budget crunch might affect its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics:

Like other cities, Chicago is swamped with budget troubles; it’s facing a deficit that officials say could be $200 million next year. The budget aldermen approved for this year already included layoffs, new fees and taxes and leasing city assets to raise money.

The city’s tough financial times risk dampening local support for the city’s Olympic bid.

“People are going to be asking whether we can really afford to host the Olympics,” said Chicago Alderman Joe Moore.

Speaking of the Chicago Olympic bid, here’s the Trib on the protests that might the IOC during its early April visit to the city:

No Games Chicago said it expects 2,000 people to attend the rally at 5 p.m. at Federal Plaza at Dearborn and Adams.

Bob Quellos, an organizer of the recently formed group, said he has obtained a permit for use of the plaza from the U.S. General Services Administration. Quellos said he also plans a protest march from Federal Plaza to the Aon Center, where the Olympics bid team is based, but is waiting for a parade permit from the city.

The NYT on the mayoral race in Sochi, Russia (As previously detailed here, a murder suspect is among the candidates):

The most recent entry is the cheeky Moscow-based tycoon Aleksandr Y. Lebedev, who has called the Sochi Olympics, one of Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin’s pet projects, an “idiotic” expenditure of state money.

The Washington City Paper on the return of college boxing to the D.C. area:

“I didn’t come to Georgetown to box. My parents think I’m stupid for doing this,” Nieto says. “I’ve never been punched before. I’m a good kid. But this builds character. Right?”


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