Chicago’s Olympic Bid in Danger?

As IOC officials prepare for a junket in Chicago, a standoff with the USOC may complicate things. Broadly speaking, the IOC wants to reduce the U.S.’s share of Olympic revenues, but the USOC wants to maintain the status quo. The meat of the disagreement …

In his final speech as chairman of the organization last fall, Peter Ueberroth vowed to keep the distribution of funds exactly the way it stands. The United States, he said, pumps more money into the I.O.C. than any other Olympic committee because its television package is the biggest and many American companies are global sponsors. Ueberroth, an honorary president of the U.S.O.C., remains deeply engaged in the revenue negotiations.

The discussion with the I.O.C. promises to be heated. The 204 other national Olympic committees receive the same percentage of money from top-level sponsors as the U.S.O.C. does, but they share it. Some I.O.C. members, national Olympic committees and international sports federations have complained about that imbalance, saying the U.S.O.C. receives much more than its fair share.

Given the IOC’s sordid history, would anyone be surprised if, should the impasse continue, they rejected Chicago’s bid for punitive reasons?



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