Morning Money Quotes

How’s this for political backdrop as Venezuela and perhaps Cuba head into the WBC semifinals?

Former Mexican foreign minister and noted Latin American politics scholar Jorge Castañeda has a piece in this week’s Newsweek, positing the fairly explosive theory that the two senior Cuban officials fired by Raul Castro this month were plotting a coup against the Cuban leader with the assistance of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.

The CP on threats against the sponsors of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics:

The threat assessment also looks at Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida network and radicals inspired by the terrorist movement, as well as “Lone Wolf” attackers like Kimveer Gill, a gunman who killed one student and wounded 19 others at Montreal’s Dawson College.

How do you get Bundesliga matches back on non-premium German television?

Bayern Munich general manager Uli Hoeness has suggested each household in Germany pay an extra two euros (2.5 US dollars) per month to put German league football back on terrestrial television.

The L.A. Times on the exporting of Lucha Libre:

National circuits are attracting impressive crowds in El Paso, Chicago, Denver and Omaha. Coca-Cola named an energy drink and a Slurpee after Blue Demon. There’s a lucha-themed restaurant, El Carmen, in Los Angeles, and lucha-inspired burlesque shows at the Mayan Theater downtown. Even Paris (the one in France) has a nightclub called La Lucha Libre that features wrestling matches.

The Spanish government honors a popular bullfighter, and controversy follows:

This nation’s normally collegial bullfighters reacted with disbelief last month when the Culture Ministry awarded Mr. Rivera the prestigious Fine Arts medal, saying his technique had become “more aesthetic, poised and deep.” José Tomás, lauded as the most exciting bullfighter in decades, returned his own Fine Arts prize in disgust.

“The prize was an absolute scandal — an insult to the history of bullfighting,” said Vicente Zabala de la Serna, a bullfighting critic for the newspaper ABC, in a telephone interview.

“Rivera’s faced a lot of bulls, and for that he deserves credit. But he’s boring to watch; he has no aesthetic merit.”


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