The Basketball President

With everyone’s brackets in full bloom, it’s time to pay heed to the Basketball President.

It would be exaggeration to say basketball was in any way central to Barack Obama’s successful campaign for the White House, but in other ways his affection for the urban American game made him seem all that much younger and more vigorous than the 72-year-old John McCain. And, of course, it gave him a bit of the “regular guy” veneer that politicians crave so desperately. As well, the sport helped him forge an identity, both as a politician and as a man.

Even as leader of the free world, hoops remains part of his life. Obama plays regular pick-up games with Education Secretary Arne Duncan, he unveiled his NCAA bracket on ESPN, and he even talked smack at a Wizards game. Most of all, though, as Charlie Murphy once said of Prince, “Cat could ball” …

And let’s not forget the clutchin’-est three by a Chicago baller since Steve Kerr and Craig Hodges roamed the court:


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