Morning Money Quotes

Duke head basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski on President Obama’s NCAA Tournament bracket:

“Somebody said that we’re not in President Obama’s Final Four, and as much as I respect what he’s doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets,” Krzyzewski told a reporter from the Associated Press on Wednesday.

Cuban dictator emeritus Fidel Castro’s latest thoughts on the World Baseball Classic:

The three best teams in the Classics and the Olympics, namely Japan, Korea and Cuba, were included in the same group so that they had to eliminate each other. Last time we were included in the Latin American group; this time we were included in the Asian group.

That is why in between today and tomorrow in San Diego one of the three teams will be irremissibly eliminated without having to compete first with the team of the United States, the country of the “Big Leagues”. That means that, next, two of those three will be left out.

The Fightins on pitcher Brett Myers’ decision to show up at Phillies camp with his young son dressed in a Confederate-flag t-shirt:

These are all the erratic traits of a stereotypical redneck, and Brett Myers seems happy to play along.

Well now that you understand where he’s coming from, here’s something else that surely won’t surprise you one bit:  his son is just like him!

Mihir Bose on India’s power play within the International Cricket Council:

The Indians have closely studied how England and Australia ran cricket when as founding nations they had the veto over all decisions. They quite like the limited powers of the ICC, have no desire to make ICC more powerful, and are keen to retain their ability to pull the strings as and when they want to.

The problem is the Indians often take so long to pull the strings that you are left wondering whether they know which string to pull.

Shysterball on a rather bizarre clause in the proposed Marlins stadium deal that would cut the city and county out of the profits were Jeffrey Loria’s heirs to sell the team one day:

Look, I’m against all of this, but even if you’re not, can someone explain to me why on Earth Miami taxpayers should be penalized in order to make life easier for the heirs of a billionaire? What possible business justification is there for this provision?


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