Two Brits Talking

Over at the New Statesman, there’s an excerpt from an interesting conversation between Alastair Campbell–journalist, Burnley fan, and former right-hand man to Tony Blair–and Sir Alex Ferguson–manager of Manchester United and greatest manager in Premiership history. Naturally enough, they talk politics and soccer. Sir Ferguson on politics:

There was another thing that politicised me even more as an adult, and that was when my mother was dying in November 1986, just a couple of weeks after I took over at United. She was at the Southern General in Glasgow, and it was absolutely dreadful, cladding hanging off the pipes, doctors and nurses overworked, and so little dignity ­attached to it. All my life I’ve seen Labour as the party working to get better health care for ordinary people, and the Tories really only caring about the people at the top.

I’d be curious to see a canvassing of other British coaches/managers. Here in the States, I’d say most professional head coaches skew conservative in their politics, but Ferguson’s comments make me wonder whether the opposite is true in England (keeping in mind, of course, that Europe’s notion of “conservative” is somewhat aligned with our notion of “liberal”).


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