Two Must-Reads and a Must-Watch

First, Pitchers and Poets has an exceptional piece on Jaime Irigoyen, a promising young pitcher murdered by a Mexican drug gang:

The memorial at the stadium did not happen quite as I imagined. The real version is much more organized. Jaime Iriguyen’s casket is brought to home plate on the shoulders of his teammates. The teammates, dressed in jeans and their blue caps and jerseys crowd alongside family and friends. There are strangers there, come to mourn the death of a pitcher, the death of potential, the state of a nation so unraveled it could let things come to this. Photographers from local and national newspapers take pictures, and reporters try to make themselves invisible but still get a sense of things.

Next, the great Joe Posnanski profiles Albert Pujols for SI. Pujols is framed as baseball’s great post-steroids hope, but it’s also a celebration of his human side. In the midst of lots of great writing, we get this wonderfully succinct analogy:

He’s like pizza: Even when he’s bad, he’s good.

Since Pujols is my favorite player on my favorite team, I feel sanctioned to make this declaration: Albert Pujols’ new nickname is “Pizza.”

Finally, the Council on Foreign Relations has a compelling multimedia package devoted to politics and the Olympics. The dulcet tones of Frank DeFord serve as your guide.


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