Baseball to Dominate Kentucky Senate Race?

Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning, a member of Baseball’s Hall of Fame, is facing a tough road toward reelection and maybe even a tough primary. If, however, he makes it to the general, then Democratic Rep. Ben Chandler may be waiting to take him on. That’s notable because Ben Chandler is the grandson of Happy Chandler. That’s notable because Happy Chandler was commissioner of baseball from 1945-51. Four years after Chandler was forced out of office (mostly for backing Branch Rickey’s plan to integrate the game), Bunning made his major-league debut with the Tigers. Ah, the symmetry of spolitics …

Elsewhere–Michigan to be precise–former NBAer Dave Bing is running for mayor of Detroit, and former Michigan State head football coach George Perles is running for governor.


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  1. I just woke up and this is the first post I came across while sucking down my morning joe. What an eye-opener!

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