Morning Money Quotes

Steve Elling on Tiger Woods’ controversial upcoming visit to Australia:

In a move that has already generated blowback among the citizenry, the world No. 1 will play in November at the Australian Masters outside Melbourne for a $3 million appearance fee, half of which was generated via public taxes.

No sooner had the deal been trumpeted Wednesday by giddy government officials than did the hand-wringing, debates and second-guessing begin. One Aussie website polling readers was running 2-1 against the signing, probably because the Australian economy is in roughly the same sorry shape as ours.

The captain of the Egyptian national soccer team on female athletes:

“I am against women in sports.”

Tram Nguyen on Magic Johnson’s endorsements of Jackson Hewitt tax services:

Magic appears in television ads, radio spots on urban stations and billboards in communities of color endorsing the “Money Now Loan” –one of the largest sources of high-interest tax refund loans in the nation …

Last week, we joined with the Woodstock Institute in Chicago, Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project in New York and the Community Reinvestment Association of North Carolina to publicly call on Magic to stop promoting these loans and re-consider his partnership with Jackson Hewitt.

Condoleeza Rice at the NFL Owners’ Meetings:

“I am prepared to answer any questions on Russia, the Middle East, advice for the draft, the zone blitz,” Rice said, drawing laughs from everyone, especially Goodell. “And why no one should ever run a prevent defense.”

Watch Kalib Run on the rich irony of members of Congress hobnobbing with UFC president Dana White:

That’s right, the sport that was once called human-cockfighting by Senator John McCain was just honored in a building dedicated to Ronald Reagan –McCain’s political inspiration– and U.S. Representatives were in attendance …


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