Morning Money Quotes

The sub-header from a blog by performance artist Stephen Cornford, who is documenting–with words and pictures–his illegal forays into a 2012 Summer Olympics construction site:

Late in 2006 I pronounced myself artist in residence on the London Olympic Site, with the aim of regularly performing the act of trespass in the name of art.

Raw Japan on the enthusiasm for the WBC final back in the Orient:

Back home in Japan and South Korea, it was office hours on Tuesday but work stopped as fans gathered in TV stores, in front of huge stadium screens or around TV-equipped mobile phones to watch the two Asian rivals slug it out.  South Korea overturned a day-time television ban to let prison inmates watch the game while forex trading in Seoul trading rooms ground to a halt from the opening pitch.

The Detroit News on the campaign gaffes of hoops legend Dave Bing, who’s running for mayor of Detroit:

Hours after the polls closed Feb. 24, Cockrel called for weekly debates leading to the May 5 general election. Bing refused, saying he wouldn’t participate until Cockrel made his personal finances public. The stance has puzzled many, including Cockrel, who has rebuffed the call and says he has limited assets compared to his millionaire competitor: “Do you want to see our kids’ 529 statements for their college savings plans?”

Since then, Bing has fended off revelations he lied about having an MBA and mistakenly claimed he graduated from Syracuse University in four years instead of three decades.

The Trib on how the Cubs are once again annoying their easily annoyed Wrigleyville neighbors:

The Chicago Cubs played down reports Tuesday night that team officials hope to hold as many as 50 night games a season, an issue that arose as the team held its annual meeting with Wrigleyville residents …

The team recently gained approval from the city for a third nighttime concert at Wrigley. And much of the neighborhood learned of a new sports bar at the ballpark, featuring a 7,000-square-foot outdoor cafe, only last week.

The sports bar is expected to be ready by the Cubs home opener next month. It is licensed to be open until 11 p.m. seven days a week, city officials said.

The Baltimore Sun‘s Jeff Barker on whether Maryland men’s basketball coach Gary Williams would make a good pol:

He’s too blunt to be a politician. And I mean that as a compliment. I covered John McCain and he could be candid, too. But he didn’t curse as much in public places.


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