The NFL Hits K Street

MLB has had a full-time Washington lobbyist on the job since 2000, and now the NFL is joining the unsavory fray:

The NFL has established a Washington office in the last year, hired a full-time lobbyist and created a political action committee to make federal campaign donations. The moves come as a work stoppage looms as a possibility in two years, which could generate some unwelcome congressional attention for the league.

The NFL also is facing more immediate controversies from how games are broadcast to whether a ban on Internet gambling on games should be continued.

To that list I’d add the pension/disability controversy, congressional outrage over peformance-enhancing drugs (which remain more of a problem in the NFL than in MLB, despite the column inches devoted to the latter), and the league’s desire to preserve its limited anti-trust exemption.


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  1. Thanks thanks thanks! I was looking for something along the lines of this (baseballs) for hours and couldn’t find it.Cheers

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