Worst Idea of the Day

Over at Huff Po, Dave Hollander has a–and I’m trying to be charitable here–“novel” idea for exposing and punishing steroids users in baseball. He talks about it to Padres right-hander Chris Young:

So, why don’t clean players who’ve unfairly suffered sue the dirty players who unfairly profited?

I’ve wondered that myself. I mean that’s something that has crossed my mind. I think there is potential for a class action lawsuit. I don’t know why guys haven’t done it yet.

I like the class action idea, but I could also see a cause of action for individual players. For example, in 1988 and admittedly steroidal Jose Canseco won the AL MVP while Mike Greenwell, who had a career year, was the runner-up. What would it have meant to Mike Greenwell’s contract if he had won the MVP?

First, Mike Greenwell wasn’t even the MVP of his own team in 1988 (never mind what the voters thought about it). Second, I can’t imagine a more cumbersome, unprovable, unquantifiable, onerous, untenable, imbecilic clusterf**k of a lawsuit than the one Hollander is dreaming up.

Maybe there’s something to be said for peer-reviewed blog posts …


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