Morning Money Quotes

The BBC on Chelsea’s plan to harvest Asian soccer talent:

There are seven UK-born Asians playing in England’s top four divisions, with none at the highest level after Michael Chopra left Sunderland for Cardiff.

QPR’s Zesh Rehman, the only Asian to have played in all four divisions, says the current figures are “shocking”.

“I think it’s shocking to be perfectly honest. Seven out of 92 league clubs is alarming,” said defender Rehman, who is on loan at Bradford City.

South African finance minister Trevor Manuel on his country’s controversial decision to deny the Dalai Lama a visa to attend a World Cup peace conference:

“To say anything against the Dalai Lama is, in some quarters, equivalent to trying to shoot Bambi … Let’s put our cards on the table. Who is the Dalai Lama? I’ve heard him described as a god. I’ve heard him described as Buddha. Is he just the spiritual leader of the Buddhists in Tibet, or is he the one who on March 28, 1969, established a government-in-exile in the same way as Taiwan was established to counter the reality of a single China?”

Golfer Anthony Kim on the economy and the struggles of the U.S. auto industry:

“I’m not that smart, so I just let my business people take care of whatever business needs to be taken care of. I know that at one of the tournaments this year we didn’t have courtesy cars, and I’m sure that will be the case, because from what I hear from people a lot smarter than me, the car industry is really having a tough time right now.”

Former veep candidate and current governor of Alaska Sarah Palin responds to an ethics complaint–a complaint that stems from her wearing sponsorship swag to see her husband compete in the Iron Dog snowmobile race:

“Yes, I wore Arctic Cat snow gear at an outdoor event, because it was cold outside, and by the way, today, I am wearing clothes bearing the names of Alaska artists, and a Glennallen Panthers basketball hoodie,” Palin said in Tuesday’s release. “I am a walking billboard for the team’s fundraiser! Should I expect to see an ethics charge for wearing these, or the Carhartts I wear to many public events?”

The AP on the political future of NASCAR driver Jeff Burton:

No wonder speculation exists that the affable Burton could eventually be clutching constituents’ hands instead of the steering wheel in a run for senator in Virginia. Burton, who has said he’s interested in running for office when his NASCAR career is over, had the diplomatic answer down pat when he was recently asked about a possible switch to politics someday.

“When I decide to retire, whenever that is, I’ll look at my options then and I’ll decide what to do,” Burton said. “I don’t need to know what it is. I’ll figure that out when I get there.”


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