The IPL’s Wise Decision

Recall the controversy over the decision to move a major cricket tournament out of India because of security concerns? The tournament would’ve coincided with Indian elections, and thus India couldn’t spare the necessary security forces. Now comes this:

Those who were blaming the Indian Government for allowing IPL travel to offshore might be breaking into cold sweat now, following the surfacing of US intelligence report that IPL could have experienced the ultimate mayhem if it was not exported outside Indian borders in time. The terrorists’ secret blue print has been cracked; thanks to Stratfor – one of the leading providers of strategic intelligence on global security affairs. It said Indian Premier League was on the hit list of Islamic terror groups and about to suffer a 26/11 style terror strike.

India has come under much criticism, especially from within, for allowing the IPL to pick up stakes. However, given the compromised security that would’ve been in place, these warnings make it clear that the correct decision was made.

Off-topic: Does anyone else find it a little strange that the CIA has a kids’ page?


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