Good News, Bad News for Chicago

Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics received some good news and some bad news over the last few days. First, the good …

The IOC-USOC funding impasse–one that might have been working against Chicago–has been resolved. Second, the Illinois Senate approved an essential funding guarantee, which had previously been passed by the Illinois House.  Third, there’s the fact that President Obama will personally show up in Copenhagen to state Chicago’s final case to the selection committee.

On the other hand, there are forthcoming protests. The groups working against Chicago’s bid include South Side community activists, who believe the City’s commitment to involving minorities in the process is not a strong one; Chicago cops, who may use the IOC’s official visit next week as an occasion to picket for new contracts; and a group called No Games Chicago, which will soon demonstrate against the bid and argue–persuasively–that hosting the Olympics makes no economic sense.


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