Morning Money Quotes

An Israeli military-affairs reporter on what Col. Ilan Malka will say to Israel’s soccer team in a pep talk before their match against Greece:

Malka intends to speak with the players about the significance of the crucial game and about how the eyes of the nation of Israel are upon them. He will demand of the players that they correct the mistakes of the past, just as he demanded of his soldiers that they correct the shortcomings of the Second Lebanon War – because just like in the battles in Gaza, they will not get a second chance. Fight like lions. You are representing something far greater than just a soccer match.

Rob Neyer sums up an MLB committee charged with investigating why the Oakland A’s can’t coax a new stadium out of East Bay taxpayers:

Here’s the question this committee will try to answer: “Why won’t poor people agree to give money to rich people?” on how cricket will affect upcoming elections in India:

For the people of India, IPL’s moving is sheer disappointment; but for the opposition it came as a god sent gift ahead of the election. Opposition’s propaganda machine quickly turns it into an election issue by pitching it as center’s failure, while the party in power strikes back by labeling the opposition claims as “exaggeration.”

Linda Coady, vice-president of sustainability for the 2010 Vancouver Games, on how they plan to off-set carbon emissions:

“We’re going to put 300,000 tonnes out there into the atmosphere and we’re going to invest in projects that reduce carbon by an equivalent amount.”

David Williams, consultant to Jordan’s Prince Feisal, on the value of bringing international sporting events to Jordan:

“Jordan is a very safe, secure country, but what better way for the international community to believe that then by hosting all these countries and athletes from around the world who are all going to come here and compete with no restrictions on women. It’s hopefully blowing a few unfair myths, if you like, out of the window.”


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