Morning Money Quotes

The Times‘ Richard Sandomir on Randy Levine, the man mostly responsible for pushing through the heaping helping of Yankee Stadium corporate welfare:

Months earlier, before the start of a Congressional subcommittee hearing investigating the Yankees’ stadium financing, he was eager to undermine the credibility of the panel’s chairman, Representative Dennis J. Kucinich. Levine’s prepared remarks were meant to remind Kucinich that he was the mayor of Cleveland when it became the first major city to default on its bonds since the Depression.

Kucinich had read the six-page text and knew Levine would be baiting him while praising the financial impact of government incentives like the tax-exempt bonds. Minutes before his turn to speak, Levine was asked if he needed to take the swipe at Kucinich.

“Just watch me,” he said.

Former heavyweight champ Vitali Klitschko after having his watch confiscated in a German airport:

“It is well-known Ukrainians must stand in long lines … and even be insulted, before they are allowed to travel in the EU, and once they are there they don’t get the same treatment as EU citizens. For some of my countrymen, in Europe some human rights don’t apply.”

The Guardian‘s Mark Woods on why British hoops fans should boycott a Bulls-Jazz preseason game in London next year:

I may be hypocritical here since, if only for journalistic purposes, you may find me in the capital’s Docklands on 6 October. Yet there’s method to this madness. It’s a regular season fixture we want. Or two, or three. Not this, not now, not ever.

Football supporters, you see, worked out this simple truth a while ago. Friendlies have all the fervour of an inflatable pillow fight. And, to my knowledge, even PT Barnum never tried to sell tickets to that one. Sure, both Chicago and Utah would rather emerge triumphant from their long-haul diversion to Blighty. But real blood? Real sweat? They’ll be saving that for when the outcome of 48 minutes of toil will actually impact on the standings.

In advance of Wednesday’s North Korea-South Korea World Cup qualifier, Reuters reminds us what happened the last time these two enemy nations met on the pitch:

North Korea also crossed the line between sport and diplomacy early last year when it refused to play the South’s anthem or raise its flag in an earlier round of qualifying in Pyongyang.

That decision forced world soccer’s governing body FIFA to change the venue to Shanghai, where the two teams played out a drab draw.

Jon Pessah on Roger Clemens’ legal ordeals:

Think about Clemens what you will, but denying him the presumption of innocence is wrong. So is making prosecutors both judge and jury, and using the media to convict the accused. It didn’t work out so well in the Duke lacrosse case. And it’s not working out so well here, either.


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