The Sporting Economy, Part II

Some examples of how the global downturn is affecting the sports world …



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2 responses to “The Sporting Economy, Part II

  1. FQ

    Which MLB team do you think will have the biggest drop in ticket sales? I don’t think it will be a problem for the NY teams’ bottom line, but there will be empty seats, won’t there? How long before we see across the board, salary cut backs across MLB organizations? $90mm roster payrolls and multimillion dollar GM contracts won’t be sustainable in a prolonged recession (I’m assuming the salary structures are predicated on average revenue growth experienced over the last 5 years). What sort of avenues of action does the commissioner’s office have to keep all MLB organizations afloat?

  2. daynperry

    Tough to say. Most teams are pretty good at setting price points. They’ll adjust, I think. I don’t know that attendance will drop so much as ticket revenues might decline a bit. That said, the Mets seem to be a bit out of touch with their ticket prices.

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