Cricket in Afghanistan

As you may have heard, things aren’t going so well in Afghanistan these days. But as the U.S. considers a troop buildup in the war-torn nation, the Afghani national cricket team is making an impossible run to the World Cup:

Afghanistan began their pursuit of a coveted 2011 World Cup place as a member of the lowest-ranked group of cricket-playing nations.

If they do win a place in the tournament it would be an unrivalled cricketing achievement.

Never before has a team qualified for the World Cup finals from such a position.

As Bloomberg notes, the team is just five years old and made up of former refugees. If your country is as ravaged as Afghanistan, then sports are never more than a cold comfort. But it’s something.



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2 responses to “Cricket in Afghanistan

  1. FQ

    Do you know how the match is played? I don’t get it. When I lived in Japan, the sports journalists covered cricket and I couldn’t believe some of the scores. It looks pretty straightforward, but I’m definitely missing some key parts of the game.

  2. daynperry

    Some matches can last several days, which accounts for the high scores.

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