Morning Money Quotes

The West Michigan White Caps minor-league baseball team is refusing to apply a warning label to a new four-pound, 4,800-calorie burger available at its ballpark. Here is the price and ingredients of that burger:

The $20 burger will feature a sesame-seed bun made from a pound of dough, five 1/3-pound beef patties, five slices of cheese, nearly a cup of chili and liberal doses of salsa and corn chips.

The BBC on the many problems facing Ukraine as it prepares to host the European Championships in 2012:

Extortion rackets, money laundering, drugs and even murder – these are among the dubious activities with which ordinary Ukrainians believe some of their football club owners are involved … New stadiums, airports and hundreds of miles of new road are needed to cope with the event. As many as 80% of the new hotels required are unlikely to be ready and there are now serious doubts about the country’s ability to host the competition.

The Hindu reports on the investigation into the attack of the Sri Lankan cricket team by Pakistani terrorists:

Punjab police chief Khwaja Khalid Farooq told reporters 50 suspects had been arrested in connection with the attack on the police training centre at Manawan on Monday that left nine persons dead and over 90 injured.

Several suspects were detained on the basis of information provided by an Afghan terrorist captured alive in Manawan on Monday. Three others were rounded up subsequently, the Dawn newspaper reported.

Law-enforcement agencies have detained five more prime suspects from different parts of Lahore and seized from them explosives, weapons and fake arms licenses, the paper said.

Field of Schemes on why Portland’s entry into the MLS isn’t yet a done deal:

Not only is there $26.8 million in funding unaccounted for, but the city would need to sell $36 million in risky taxable zero-coupon bonds, a prospect that city officials are “pessimistic” about, according to the Portland Business Journal (article not online). If the funding isn’t in place by August 1, the team’s stadium deal falls apart, as does the franchise’s entry into MLS.


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  1. Right, because fans won’t realize on their own that that burger is unhealthy.

    I hate the food police.

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