Morning Money Quotes

The Joong-Ang Daily on the South Korea’s controversial 1-0 win over North Korea in World Cup qualifying play:

North Korean head coach Kim Jong-hun, who refused to take questions from the media, griped that his team was in no physical shape to play the game. It turned out that the North had asked earlier Wednesday that the game be staged later at a neutral venue, after three of their players had come down with food poisoning. South Korean officials said the team blamed South Korean food for the illness.

The matter was taken to the Asian Football Confederation and FIFA, football’s international governing body. FIFA ordered the match be staged as scheduled.

Former Atlanta Braves owner Ted Turner speaking before a Columbia U. environmental symposium:

“Everyone should have at least one baseball team.”

Big Soccer on FC Dallas’ efforts to expand its dwindling fan base:

As for FC Dallas, the plan is for them is to play two regular-season home games per year in Mexico, at sites yet to be determined. This was hoped to be done this year, but with the schedule and team travel plans already set, it has to wait until at least 2010. In a groundbreaking agreement, FC Dallas would get 50% of the gate from each game, with the hosting Mexican club getting 35% to cover game operations cost, and 15% going to the visiting team to cover their extra travel and such. FC Dallas would also get a small percentage of concessions and other revenue. MLS expects it can draw at least 40,000 fans for each match, depending on the opponent, far greater than the capacity at Pizza Hut Park.

The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s David P. Barash in a droning, overwrought, pretentious column on the sociological underpinnings of fandom (HT: The Modern Spectator):

Not that I would try to stop anyone from root, root, rooting to his or her heart’s content. It’s just that such things are normally done by pigs, in the mud, or by seedlings, lacking a firm grip on reality — fine for them, but I am not at all sure this is something that human beings should do. In desperation, if threatened with starvation, I suppose that I would root — for dinner. But for the home team? Never.

From an Association press release on what’s planned for NBA Green Week 2009:

As part of NBA Green Week 2009, adidas will outfit all players with 100 percent organic cotton adidas shooting shirts featuring the NBA Green logo. The Denver Nuggets, Charlotte Bobcats, and the Chicago Bulls will wear green-colored uniforms and socks made from 45 percent organic cotton during select home games throughout the week to raise additional environmental awareness. will also host an online auction of Spalding basketballs, made from 40 percent recycled materials and autographed by NBA players. The auction will tip off on April 2 and continue through April 16, with all proceeds benefiting the NRDC.


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