The Obamas in Britain

While some in the blogosphere are getting the vapors over President Obama’s decision to give an IPod to the Queen, it’s worth noting that the First Lady came up big with her gift to the five-year-old son of PM Gordon Brown:

For yesterday’s return visit, the First Lady gave five-year-old John Brown a little piece of US history: a black full-size Louisville Slugger baseball bat a marked with the presidential seal and signed by her husband.

Let the baseball assimilation of English cricket fans begin.



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3 responses to “The Obamas in Britain

  1. FQ

    So you applaud such an obvious act of war?

  2. daynperry

    Some things are worth fighting for.

  3. FQ

    I agree! I think if it were Churchill’s son on the receiving end of the gift, Winston would have brought out a “real” bat and made heads roll. LOL.
    Do they still have tea breaks during Cricket matches?

    In all seriousness, I can’t stand the USA losing soccer matches to the English. They don’t do anything else half as well as the USA and we cannot beat them in soccer?!

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