What’s the Polite Word for “Stupid”?

Rasmussen Reports takes a poll. Here’s what they find:

One in three Americans believe the government should make it illegal to pay athletes and movie stars more than $1 million per year, according to a new poll.

One can only sigh at this. If you limit the pay of athletes, the prices of tickets/concessions/parking/scorecards will stay the same. That’s because those price points are determined by supply and demand and not by what A-Rod is making. This bears repeating: limiting the salaries of athletes will not result in lower costs for the consumer.

What it will do is further enrich team owners. In essence, you’d be transferring wealth from millionaires (the players) to billionaires (the owners). If that’s your thing, fine. But don’t buy into the populist delusion that what player X makes has any bearing on what you’re paying at the ticket window.


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