What Does Stevens Decision Mean for Bonds?

The feds have asked that the corruption case against former Alaska senator Ted Stcvens be thrown out. They’re doing so because of some prosecutorial misconduct (not an uncommon thing these days, it would seem). This leads Shysterball’s Craig Calcaterra, who’s a real-life lawyer and everything, to wonder whether this bodes well for Barry Bonds:

The Bonds’ prosecutors has (sic) bought some time by appealing the judge’s evidence ruling. In light of the U-turn on the Stevens case, however, one wonders if, in addition to researching and writing an appellate brief, they also aren’t reflecting on whether the whole enterprise is worth the trouble in the first place.

Worth the trouble? I’m certainly saying it’s not.



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2 responses to “What Does Stevens Decision Mean for Bonds?

  1. FQ

    Shouldn’t these prosecutors get fired and disbarred?

  2. daynperry

    One would hope. My personal opinion is that Americans are “law and order” inclined (sometimes, it should be noted, this is a good thing), and that’s why we have a high tolerance for excesses in the name of “justice.” Ideally, we’d become much more discriminating in what we tolerate from prosecutors.

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