NASCAR and Politics

Stephen at All Left Turns, working off the rather brilliant Car & Driver hoax, wonders …

For reasons I’ve never entirely understood and in contrast to most other professional sports, it’s acceptable and accepted practice to wear your political heart on your sleeve in NASCAR. Hell, it’s encouraged — as long as your sleeve is a Republican sleeve, that is. Why is that?

It’s an interesting question. Fans of NASCAR enjoy a political uniformity that eludes, well, every other major sport. In part, it’s the regionalism involved–stock-car racing is still very much a Dixie sport–and in part it’s the defiant, make-it-to-the-county-line origins that make NASCAR the natural bedfellow of the post-Southern Strategy Republican party. It’s also a predominantly white sport, and that goes for competitors, fans, and prevailing culture. No other American sport–not baseball, football, basketball–is as politically aligned as NASCAR, Considering the factors in play, that’s not especially surprising.


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  1. FQ

    I’ve heard that golfers are predominately conservative as well. However, they definitely don’t wear their politics on their sleeves. Considering how the Democrat party has aligned itself against muscle cars and towards “green” initiatives, it’s not like the DNC is trying to make inroads into the culture either.

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