Morning Money Quotes

Greg Mitchell on the NYT‘s coverage of the day Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier:

Oddly, the day after Robinson broke in 62 years ago, the Times didn’t even mention him in its lead coverage of the game.

The story on the game, printed April 16, 1947, did not say anything about Robinson for the full 18 grafs, nor in the short takes that followed. Yet a check of the boxscore finds him batting second and playing first base.

The Trib on Rod Blagojevich’s letter to Cubs manager Lou Piniella in 2007:

Blagojevich then made his suggested line-up changes — specifically recommending Alfonso Soriano bat third, followed by Derrek Lee and then Aramis Ramirez.

FourFourTwo on the emerging Asian Football Confederation scandal:

In his letter to Damaseb, Murray says: “I am compelled to report to you a matter which, in my view and the view of my FIFA ethics committee colleagues in Indonesia and Guam, requires investigation by the FIFA ethics committee.

“I have been given reliable information that there is a case of ‘vote-buying’ going on ahead of the election to appoint an AFC member to the FIFA executive committee. The information points to at least one high level football official being involved.

“In an interview with SBS, recorded on March 30, Mr Bin Hammam claimed that the Olympic Council of Asia, via its national Olympic committees, is offering cash grants to selected national football associations in Asia in return for securing their votes for Sheikh Salman.”

The mayor of Madrid, which hopes to host the 2016 Olympics, on why security is not a concern for the city famously targeted by Basque separatists:

Ruiz Gallardon says in a statement Tuesday that “we are now the fourth safest capital in Europe, ahead of other big cities including London, Paris and Berlin.”


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