Morning Money Quotes

The NYT‘s Harvey Araton on recently retired NFL broadcaster John Madden:

Admittedly, no laws are broken by the failure to use a platform for social good, but Jordan and Woods over the years have been called out for never speaking out, risking their corporate appeal. Why only athletes? Why not men like Madden?

For comparison’s sake, can yous imagine Bob Costas — who at the national level is as much the voice of baseball as Madden has been football’s — achieving his level of deserved respect by commenting almost exclusively about what happens between the white lines?

Jennifer Duffy on the fundraising shortfalls of baseball Hall of Famer and Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning:

“When your challenger raises more money than an incumbent in a quarter, it’s evidence that Bunning does not have a lot of support and he does not have the money to run the kind of race that he needs. He either tries to have a significantly better second quarter or he gives long, hard thought as to whether he really wants to run again.”

The Straits Times on the latest Chinese athlete to enter the political arena:

Table tennis legend Deng Yaping, a four-time Olympic gold medallist, has been appointed deputy secretary of Beijing’s arm of the Chinese Communist Youth League, according to the Xinhua news agency.

Mansoor Kahn on the decision to move 2011 World Cup cricket matches out of a destabilized Pakistan:

“This is very sad news for us. For both cricket fans and proud Pakistanis, this is bad. This is also very bad for the country’s image. It’s frustrating; Pakistanis are mad about cricket and want to be part of every moment of the game as it’s going on. This is just so disappointing.”


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