Jay-Z on Phelps

Rapper/Nets minority partner Jay-Z sounds off on the semi-recent Michael Phelps/doobage tempest in a teapot:

“You look at all these people who graduated from Princeton and Harvard, who are supposed to be pillars of the community – every day [they’re] in the newspaper arrested for some kind of financial fraud,” the New York Daily News quoted him as telling told Cigar Aficionado magazine.

“Then you look at someone like Michael Phelps. He’s 23. What’s he gonna do? He’s a kid. He’s going to experiment,” he added.

The last part of his quote rings especially true. Phelps is young, rich, and famous. That he smokes weed–once, twice, on occasion, with tidal regularity, whatever–should be neither surprising nor a source of outrage. This whole nonsense reached a nadir when Matt Lauer solemnly tsk-tsked Phelps, and then Kellog’s dropped him as a sponsor. More recently, Usain Bolt learned the costs of offending Puritan sensibilities. If nothing else, it’s absurd that Phelps’ pot-smoking generated more outrage than his 2004 arrest for DUI.

I just wish that some interviewer, in the course of Phelps’ penitential media tour, had asked him, “Isn’t all of this really f***ing stupid?”



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3 responses to “Jay-Z on Phelps

  1. grumpy3b

    good gawds…I am siding with Jay-Z?!?!?!!! Actually Phelps should sue the Hearst Corporation for their fraudulent campaign against hemp in the ’30s.

    As someone who actually derives medical relief from pain with cannabis and am currently prevented from actually obtaining that relief I will support anyone who even occasionally uses it recreationally. It is a wonder medication for my rheumatoid arthritis. Far superior to the opiates I need to take daily to manage the 24/7 pain I live with.

    And as you say, the DUI is far more serious but to be honest, not many people that age never drove “drunk” at one or more times in their life. Let ’em get high on cannabis and you and I both know, they aren’t driving anywhere fast…10mph yeah, but fast, nope, ain’t gonna happen. Still driving under the influence is not a smart or good thing.

    On that now ironically if I were ever to be pulled over and forced to a blood analysis my opiate levels would probably put me way over the “legal limits”. But I am no danger on the road. I feel zero cognative effects of the medication. I feel nothing but pain relief from them an get no high what-so-ever. But, I digress.

    Phelps seems like a stand up guy and is just young and dumb…weren’t we all at one time? It’s not like was stoned in competition…hehehehe…

  2. Andy

    Smoke up, bitches! Hells yeah!

  3. Yeah, I’m amused by the self-righteous hand-wringing over a guy who’s 23 and has oodles of discretionary income. Put me in Phelps’ shoes when I was 23, and I probably would’ve bought my own opium den.

    Anyhow, glad you’ve found some relief from your arthritis, Grumpy.

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