Ballin’ Mayoral Candidates

Two former NBAers are vying for the mayoralties of two of America’s largest cities. In Detroit, former Piston Dave Bing just picked up the endorsement of the Free Press, and in Seattle former Sonic and Washington State Cougar James Donaldson announced his candidacy.

Obviously, it’s Bing who, if victorious, has the toughest, most impossible job ahead:

Detroit’s problem is rooted in the transformation that the US economy is undergoing.

Old manufacturing regions such as this have been declining for some time.

There is a budget crisis. Rising unemployment and population loss have reduced the amount of tax revenue coming in. Vehicle sales are falling in an area whose economy is dominated by the so-called “Big Three” car manufacturers. House prices have been tumbling.

In Detroit, the population too has been falling for years. In the middle of the last century almost two million people lived in the city. Today it is less than a million, as people have moved out to the suburbs.

Detroit’s challenge is to manage the loss of people, jobs and revenue, without allowing the city to fall further into despair. It is a tough job.



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8 responses to “Ballin’ Mayoral Candidates

  1. FQ

    The sad fact is that MI has much intellectual capital. Clearly it also has the potential to become a prosperous state, because it was. Too bad politics has gotten in the way of people doing profitable and productive work.

  2. Andy

    Also there are packs of wild dogs running loose downtown. Feral dogs tend to deter growth.

    Some NPR thing today said they should engineer a Beale St., embrace their music. It was kind of inspiring as I imagined Disney versions of a punk club (Raw Power), a soul club (R-E-S-P, etc.), and a skanky right-wing metal club. And the patrons dodging packs of feral dogs.

    I feel a certain empathy for Detroit, a hollowed-out city, because Jackson, MS, is similar.

  3. Frank Sobotka

    This would be a great blog if you didn’t randomly abandon it for weeks at a time

  4. Andy

    It’s great, no matter what. The important thing is that you’re doing your best. Because you’re the best!

  5. Andy

    I retract everything. It all sucks.

  6. Andy

    Furthermore, I was sorry to see what happened to Frank Sobotka, but I’m glad to see him land on his feet in True Blood. He’s an inspiration to ugly, pudgy people everywhere.

  7. FQ

    Have you seen the news about Gerald Walpin and Kevin Johnson?

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