Morning Money Quotes

Montreal Canadiens coach and GM Bob Gainey on the booing of the U.S. national anthem by Habs’ fans:

“I feel like there’s a confusion there with our fans. They feel like booing the anthem is supporting our team, in that the anthem represents the Boston team. And I think if they could separate those two things, then we could respect the anthem of the United States of America and they could still participate loudly in whatever way they want to disrupt the Bruins.”

Ron Judd reports on female ski jumpers’ lawsuit against the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee:

The suit, which presents interesting legal jurisdiction questions, alleges that allowing men, but not women, to jump in the Games is a violation of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which bars gender-based discrimination.

UEFA’s new plan of action should some European soccer fans continue making racial taunts:

“We will call for play to be stopped for 10 minutes when these things happen, and for announcements to be made in the stadium. If it continues, then the match will be stopped.”

Richard Whitall on the American misunderstanding of global soccer:

Obama has taken a lot of flak this week for breaking the Golden Rule of US foreign policy; never be on equal footing, never admit past mistakes. To do otherwise is to put America on level playing field, thereby threating its “unique” status as a “beacon on the hill.” Sport is very important in this regard. Soccer represents for many American exceptionalists a stand-in for the socialistic intrusions from the outside—Europe, South America, Asia. This symbolism has been unwittingly helped along by several soccer tourists on the American left (see Franklin Foer), who, rather than delve into the complex and tangled workings of the global game, instead draw a simplistic line between “good” soccer cultures and “bad” soccer cultures, those with racist chants and violent histories and those with family-friendly, grassroots support (ie Barca), one good, one bad, one right, one left. Just pick the “good” soccer culture and you’re in left-wing sports fan paradise.


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