About Dayn Perry and Spolitical.com

Dayn Perry is a husband, father, dog owner, sports writer, practicing Catholic, non-proselytizing vegetarian, Mississippi native, Chicago resident, and zealous and abiding fan of the St. Louis Cardinals.

He’s a regular contributor to FOXSports.com, and he’s also finishing up his second book, a biography of Reggie Jackson (to be published by William Morrow in 2010). In the past, he’s written about sports for publications like ESPN.com, the Washington Monthly, the New York Sun, Baseball Prospectus, ESPN the Magazine, the Miami Herald, Reason, and the Montreal Gazette.

As for Spolitical, it’s a blog devoted to the innumerable ways in which politics informs, influences, and (occasionally) infects the sports world.

The author drinking beer and annoying his wife and son.

The author drinking beer and annoying his wife and son.

12 responses to “About Dayn Perry and Spolitical.com

  1. Mike Flolo

    Great Pics! You’re a very lucky man Dayn Perry!

  2. Steve

    Is Dayn pronounced like Dan, Dane, or what?

  3. daynperry

    Steve – It’s pronounced “Dane.” Blame my parents for the confusing spelling.

  4. I can tell a story or two about Dayn Perry. For example…

    Heh. Been following you sporadically on FOX and $8 Beers, then found this, just the other day. Good little niche you carved out. Thought I’d say hi. Haven’t read anything here I disagree with, but I’ll hope to comment if that changes.

    “Centrist independent,” ah… I’d have thought enduring the slimeball commenters to your FOX columns all this time would have nudged you a little more to the left.

    Congrats on your family. You might remember my wife, Amanda. Married 8 years now. Two daughters 1.5 and almost 4 years.

    Grats on the book as well. That’s awesome. GL on the next one. I write on legal and other developments at blog.uslegal.com, whenever I get motivated. I try not to let my political leanings creep in (it’s a company blog after all) but I’m getting progressively worse at that.

    Cheers bud, drop me a line.


  5. Joey Smith

    As someone who knew Dayn “back in the day” at Mississippi College and having followed his writing for years, it’s awesome to see a new blog where I can see more of what is on his mind.

    Lookin’ forward to it.


  6. michael standish

    Mississippi, huh? Well how about a (book) review of “Joiner?”

  7. daynperry

    The book by James Whitehead? Believe it or not, I’ve actually read that. I didn’t know anyone else had even heard of that book …

  8. Jonathan Small

    Do you read much Greg Isles? Almost all of his books are based on Nantchez (sp?) Miss.

  9. daynperry

    I’ve never read Isles, but he used to do signings at a bookstore I worked at in grad school. Very nice man.

  10. Emerson Perry

    What about this stud pitcher out at USC by the name of Andrew Triggs? What a stud! He has a record of 2-1 with a 2.53 era. and is only a freshman.

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